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AI enthusiast & Research hobbyist. Master from rkmtlab@UTokyo GSII (Interdisciplinary Information). I love engaging in useless & interesting things. All opinions are my own.
  • Name: Taiki Sato (佐藤 大希)
  • E-mail: mail (at)
Contacts & Supports

連絡やメッセージは mail[at] もしくは匿名の場合  Googleフォーム で受け付けています。また、日々の検証にかかる費用を助けていただける方は  Buy Me a Coffee でサポートいただけると嬉しいです。

Work Experience

  • Accenture Japan Ltd. AI Architect (2024 ~)
  • Props Inc. Software Engineer (2024.03 ~ 2024.05)
    • Developed a mobile app using Django and Flutter. Investigated performance optimization for the operational use of LLM (using local LLM, prompt engineering, reserach, optimizing architecture).
  • AppBrew Inc. UX Designer / Engineer (2020.06 ~ 2021.06)
    • Worked part-time on LIPS cosmetics community app, primarily focusing on web design improvements and A/B testing.
  • Hupro Inc. UI/UX Designer (2018.06 ~ 2019.09)
    • Engaged in web marketing using Google Analytics and Search Console, planning service strategies, and conducted A/B testing. From April 2019, mainly responsible for redesigning the owned media “Hupro Magazine”.


  • The University of Tokyo, 2024
    • Applied Computer Science course in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
    • Master Thesis: Augmenting Kick Direction Prediction in Soccer using Machine Learning Models (Awarded the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award)
  • The University of Tokyo, 2022
    • Natural Sciences I (2017.04 ~ 2020.03)
    • Informatics, Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences (2020.04 ~ 2022.03)
    • Graduation Project: A Study on the Relationship between Goalkeeper’s Skill Level and the Predictive Ability of Penalty Kick Outcomes in Soccer
  • Sendai Daini High School, Miyagi Prefecture, 2016
    • Had a wonderful time as a high-school student.

Extracurricular Activities

  • UTokyo Football Lab. (2022 ~ 2023)
    • Provided implementation and technical advice on motion analysis using computer vision technologies, including pose-estimation techniques.
  • UmeeT - Online Media from UTokyo (2019.10 ~ 2022.03)
    • Engaged in designing and development management. Completely redesigning the site, improving page speed performance, managing and operating WordPress, writing scripts to automate tedious tasks.
    • see:
  • Cookpad Spring 1day Internship 2019 (2019.03)
    • Participated in the Service Development Course. Learned how to shape ideas, conduct user interviews, and perform paper prototyping.
  • wallhaus design schoool (2018.04 ~ 2019.05)
    • Joined as a novice designer, received practical training from professional designers, and gave a two-month lecture on UI/UX design. Worked on logo design, business card design, and web application design.
  • Mono-Coto Innovation (2018.04 ~ 2018.08)
    • Participated as a student facilitator in a five-day workshop for junior and senior high school students from all over Japan to develop products using design thinking. Facilitated a team through steps from team building to idea generation and prototype creation.

Fields of Interest

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Data Science


  • game
    • Apex Legends, Overwatch2
  • acoustic guitar
  • watching J-League games (Kashima Antlers)